The Spanish Guitar

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‘Doc Watson and Hank Marvin made that sound; two different personalities, playing two quite different guitars, both creating a certain common element of sound. It was a magical element, a mystical presence of something indescribable yet crucial to the sound of the guitar. I loved the music but I was captivated by the sound and I heard it again in the music of Mark Knopfler, J.J. Cale, Peter Green and B.B. King. Whether they played country or blues, with electric or acoustic instruments, the magic was in the sound they made.

This elusive component contained something ancient, something predating 20th century Americana. Upon discovering the recordings of Julian Bream and Andres Segovia I heard the magic again. That same element of sound was present yet, emanating from the Spanish guitar, it appeared to reach back through time sparking in the imagination a sense of the distant past while sounding completely relevant to the present day. Once again it was a captivating experience leaving me no alternative but to explore the sound of The Spanish Guitar.’


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